The Thread Wrapping Machine

Anton Alvarez is an artist, but he doesn't just create new works of art; he has developed an entirely new method of assembly. 

In this edition of Presentation of the Day, (from a special PechaKucha "Sweden in Style" event held during Tokyo Designers Week 2012) Alvarez shows off his invention: a large ring-shaped device which wraps polyester threads coated with wet glue around anything fed through the ring while it spins. This technique allows for two objects (he often uses pieces of wood) to be joined while avoiding the use of traditional joints. He has developed a new craft of sorts, and as he says, "I'm a beginner at this, but I'm also the best at it -- there are no other people working at this."

His machine grants him freedom from manufacturing institutions and relies heavily on improvisation. Each piece is unique, spontaneous, colorful, and has a sort of dynamic personality about it. At the moment Alvarez has produced mostly furniture, but he hopes to iterate on the scale of his device and push his creations to an architectural level.