Poster for PKN Sheffield Vol. 10 PechaKucha Night in Sheffield Vol. 10 happens tonight (May 10) at the Sheffield Cathedral. The poster was designed by the city's resident PK artist, George "Geo"  Law, and you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. Below, more details from organizer Jonny Douglas.

Our theme is 'Inspiration' and we've got perhaps our most dramatic venue to date! Inspiration is a fascinating thing... For the Creator/Artist/Designer/Maker/Leader it's an on-going battle. It's their need to constantly strive to push forward, change things, make things better…their addiction to experience the thrill of ‘that moment’ where they find the thing they have been searching for…and they just know it’s right! There’s no need to check with anyone else, they just feel it…that knowing…through-and-though, balls to bone!