PKN Fresno Vol. 14's PechaKucha Mix

httpv:// One of the best things about PechaKucha Nights is that each city does it slightly different -- we actively don't like to give too many directions to new organizers, as we prefer seeing how they approach it -- and one of the things that Fresno has been doing is an "Audience Participation" presentation, in which they put together 20 images, and then invite audience members to come to the stage and adlib as the presentation runs. We loved the idea, and suggested that other cities try it out as well -- we did it for the first time in Tokyo last week, and it was a huge hit. The video above was recorded at last week's PKN Fresno Vol. 14 -- part of Global Cities Week -- and shows off the city's latest "PechaKucha Mix," as we're now calling it.