Objects in Disguise

Phasmatodea -- commonly known as stick-insects or leaf-bugs -- are an order of insects who blend very well into their surroundings. Swedish designer Tove Thambert was inspired by these animals' ability to convince the viewer that they were seeing something very ordinary, and set out to produce a whole range of "Objects in Disguise". 

In this edition of "Presentation of the Day" (from Tokyo Designer's Week 2012, as a part of a special "Sweden in Style" PechaKucha event) Thambert discusses the process by which she finds items or accessories that may have a certain social stigma about them. One example she shows is the mirror: this item is something every woman carries in her purse, but most men would not be caught dead with a mirror on his person. For this reason, Tove concocted a mirror that fit the place you might find a pocket-watch on a suit. When her grandfather felt embarassed to walk with a cane, she designed one that looked more similar to something everyone carries about: an umbrella.