Inspired by Nepal, a Langtang Ago

PechaKucha recently launched Inspire Nepal initiative, a project that aims to weild the creativity of the PKN community to inspire disatser-hit Nepal back to its majestic self. PechaKucha is encouraging people to share their stories about and love for Nepal in the 20x20 fomat either at their local PechaKucha Nights or in more nimble "table-talk" gatherings that can take place around a kitchen table or meeting room. This way there is nothing holding back people sharing and inspiring Nepal. 

"This the what Nepal taght me and inspired in me, and I want to share this story and inspire other people to share their stories about Nepal."

Brian Scott Petersons takes the lead direct from PechaKucha HQ in Tokyo offering what will hopefully be the first one many more "table talks. Here he shares the trip he made half way around the world to, in his words, "the mystifyingly scenic", country of Nepal. In a wonderlust quest for "adventure of most epic proportions", Peterson set off from age-old city Kathmandu, long-hauling across treacherous trail to the Himalayan kingdoms highest peaks, to the remote mountainous village of Langtang, a journey against all others after would be measured.  

Heartbroken to see the recent devastation and disastrous loss of the place that forever changed his life, he offers this emotional tale of his sojourn there, simply as a starting point.  

No stranger to disaster response, Peterson hopes to eventually repeat in Nepal his successful volunteer effort from Japan, the family photo rebuilding project Photohoku

Finally he asks, "How can the tried and true creativity in the greater PechaKucha community rally to share stories and support for Nepal?"

To share you story about Nepal, shoot us a mail at!