PKN Toronto Vol. 16 Presentations Tom Bernard manages to mix two of his interests -- leadership and pop culture -- into a presentation (from PKN Pittsfield Vol. 3) that he freely admits veers on the "nerdy" side. In overcoming OCD and a variety of other anxiety disorders, Mark Freeman was shocked to discover that all people have brains. This presentation (from PKN Toronto Vol. 16) is the story of that discovery. PKN Toronto Vol. 18 Posters Our final additions for the week to the Tumblr blog include the poster for Toronto's upcoming Vol. 18 -- designed by Trevor Embury, and part of the DesignThinkers conference -- and two older posters from PKN Moncton (Vol. 5 and 6).  PKN Hong Kong Vol. 12 PKN Hong Kong Vol. 12 PKN Hong Kong Vol. 12 Photos Today's photo gallery [Flickr] is for PKN Hong Kong Vol. 12, which was held this past Tuesday. From what we hear, it was a packed -- and intimate -- gathering, and the atmosphere was fantastic. HK's next PKN ("lucky" Vol. 13) is already set for December 5, and it will be held at the same venue (XXX Gallery).  Calendar Here are your weekend PKNs, starting with tonight (October 19): PKN Nishinomiya Vol. 14, PKN Adelaide Vol. 4, and PKN Hakata Vol. 4. On Saturday, you'll find PKN Maastricht Vol. 16 and PKN Nara Vol. 4.