In the wake of the terrible devastation from the earthquake in Nepal, we have decided to set up the PechaKucha Inspire NEPAL initiative. No matter where you are in the world, you can share your stories and experiences of Nepal in the PechaKucha 20x20 format to help inspire the country back to its vibrant and colourful self. PechaKucha Inspire Nepal will also act as a platform to share the good news about reconstruction in the country.

Building on our experience with PechaKucha Inspire JAPAN where over 50 presentations — made at PechaKucha Nights around the world — were uploaded to the PechaKucha website and have been viewed nearly 100,000 times, PechaKucha Inspire NEPAL will be more nimble, allowing ANYONE to make a presentation and send it to us for upload to the Inspire NEPAL Channel. If you have a story to share about Nepal for our channel, start by sending us a mail here:

How can you take part?

Option 1: Team up with your local PechaKucha Night and present! Simply click here to find if there is a PKN happening soon near you. 

Option 2: Simply create a PechaKucha Presentation in Keynote or Powerpoint with 20 images that auto advance every 20 seconds. Gather a few friends around a kitchen table or meeting room and record your presentions just like Brian did (see below), right here at PechaKucha HQ.

Is there going to be a big global event similar to the one we held for Inspire JAPAN?

We have decided that such events take up vast resources especially at PechaKucha HQ. And we want to allow future PechaKucha Inspire projects to be set up quickly.

Are we going to be raising money?

Other people do this much better than we can - so we are going to focus on inspiring and getting the good news there. BUT if we find people or companies that want to donate to the project they find on PechaKucha Inspire Nepal, we can help facilitate that. Send us a mail at All money will go to hands an organisation on the ground that we have personal contacts with.

We have been in touch close with PechaKucha Kathmandu. Our City Organizer there, Sujan and his teams are safe and working on the relief efforts in their community, and will be holding a special PechaKucha Night there July 7th. All those presentations will of course be added to the Inspire NEPAL Channel.

Check out the PechaKucha Inspire NEPAL Channel - This is just the beginning, but please help fill it with YOUR amazing stories of and from Nepal and together we can make some beneficial connections, and in turn, Inspire Nepal.

Mail us with your story!